Former Bush Chief of Staff Endorses Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Remember when all these Bush officials spoke up during the 8 years of Obama? I don't either.

So, Andy Card, W's Chief of Staff says 'lines were crossed' and supports an impeachment inquiry. I'm guessing he'll be a regular guest on MSNBC and CNN starting tomorrow.

Andrew Card, who served as White House chief of staff during the George W. Bush administration, on Monday expressed support for House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry of President Trump, saying that "clearly lines have been crossed."

Card, who led Bush's White House team between 2001 and 2006, said on MSNBC 

"Most people in Congress have already made up their mind when they haven’t seen any evidence. I want people to calm down, take a look at it," he argued. "Don’t call a molehill a mountain. They tend to do that. There’s hyperbole on both sides. This is a serious process."

Here's Andy Card on MSDNC calling Trump a 'carnival barker'