Biden Drops 9 Points in NH, Now in 3rd Place With 15%

A CNN poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire of the New Hampshire primary finds Bernie Sanders at 21%, Elizabeth Warren at 18%, Joe Biden at 15% and Pete Buttigieg at 10%. Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar and Andrew Yang are all at 5%.

The poll is good news for Sanders, while it's mixed to bad news for Biden and Warren. There remains no clear runaway leader in the Granite State.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump leads the primary with 86%.

Here are a few other takeaways from the poll:

  • -The 21% Sanders now commands is the weakest since at least 1972 for a New Hampshire primary poll leader at this point.
  • -Only 23% of Democratic voters say they have definitely made up their mind, which matches what we've seen in Iowa and is considerably lower than what national polling indicates
  • -Buttigieg has the best favorable to unfavorable rating of any of the Democratic candidates.
  • -Sanders leads Warren on who is most trusted on the issues Democratic voters consider to be the most important (health care and climate change), while Warren's unfavorable ratings have climbed since July.
  • -Impeaching and removing Trump from office is a minority position among all Granite Staters at 42%. A majority, 51%, are against it.

Here is the poll- Crazy Bernie leading Warren by 3
Biden down to 15% (from 24% in the same poll).

John King breaks down the new CNN poll of likely Dem voters NH 2020
Keep in mind, at the beginning of May, Biden led in NH by 18 points (Monmouth Poll)