93-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Calls For Ocasio-Cortez To "Be Removed From Congress"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the detention centers near the border 'concentration camps' back in June.

A Holocaust survivor who offered to tour Auschwitz with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  said she should be removed from Congress for spreading “anti-Semitism, hatred and stupidity.”

Edward Mosberg, a 93-year-old who is president of the Holocaust commemoration group From The Depths, criticized the freshman lawmaker for her comments calling U.S. migrant detention centers “concentration camps.”

“She should be removed from Congress. She’s spreading anti-Semitism, hatred and stupidity,” Mosberg told The New York Post. “The people on the border aren’t forced to be there — they go there on their own will. If someone doesn’t know the difference, either they’re playing stupid or they just don’t care.”

Ocasio-Cortez faced fierce backlash from Republicans and some Democrats last month for comparing the Trump administration’s migrant detention centers housing thousands of people along the U.S.-Mexico border to concentration camps.

“Her statement is evil. It hurts a lot of people. At the concentration camp, we were not free,” Mosberg told the Post