Dan Bongino 'Phony' Justin Amash Should Leave the Republican Party 'Immediately'

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino believes Rep. Justin Amash should leave the Republican Party after the lawmaker said President Trump engaged in "impeachable" conduct.

Bongino said he had always been a fan of Amash's strong libertarian platform, but there is "absolutely nothing libertarian" about claiming Trump should be impeached for "fictitious" offenses.
"Justin Amash should leave the Republican Party immediately, stat, ASAP. And listen, that gives me absolutely no joy in saying that. ... I thought he was one of the more principled guys in Congress. Turns out he is the biggest phony up there right now," said Bongino, a former Secret Service agent.
Bongino calls this 'media grabbing' by Justin Amash.