Bloomberg to Spend $500M To Deny Trump 2nd Term in 2020

The man with the most money is gonna defeat Trump. How'd that work out for Jeb Bush? He spent $150M in 2016, the most by far,  and was out after South Carolina.

Michael Bloomberg has allocated $500 million to deny President Trump a second term in 2020, either by running himself or by providing funding and data to the eventual Democratic nominee, according to Politico.

Should Bloomberg decide to run — a decision he plans to make in the coming weeks — he believes the $500 million war chest would finance his campaign through the primaries, at which point he plans to invest more of his personal fortune should he win the nomination.

“That’ll get us through the first few months,” Bloomberg’s top adviser Kevin Sheekey told Politico.

“Mike spent $100 million in his last New York City election. And you can do the math as you think more broadly but New York City is 3 percent of the national population,” Sheekey said. “I’m not suggesting it’s straight math. But I’m suggesting that when Mike Bloomberg is committed to making a difference and seeing something though, generally speaking he’s pretty unabashed in doing so.”

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