Report: Trump Considering Former Dem Senator Jim Webb For Sec of Defense [VIDEO]

Huh? Replace a Marine Corps General with 40 years service with a DEMOCRAT who stood on the stage with Hillary Clinton just a few years ago?

OMG. This is not going to play well.

According to the Fox News video above, General Jack Keane says at the 3:20 mark that Vice President Mike Pence has 'reached out' to Jim Webb about the Secretary of Defense position, one of the reasons, possibly, because Webb has a hard-line stance on China.

So what about this military background of Webb? Wasn't he Secretary of the Navy? Yeah he was, 30 YEARS AGO, from mid 1987 to February 1988.  Under Ronald Reagan. He was a Republican. But changed parties in 2006 to Democrat......


This from Politico-
[Webb's] views on foreign policy and military affairs align with President Donald Trump in key respects. For example, he ran for the Senate in 2006 on a platform to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, even campaigning while wearing his Marine son's combat boots.

Whether he gets the nomination “really depends on how the military views him, how the career people view him, what his view are of Syria and Afghanistan and any number of issues,” said the official, who added that a number of candidates exist.