12%: Paul Ryan’s Favorability Plummets as Former Speaker Leaves Congress

I don't think Paul Ryan cares, he's had enough of Washington, he's heading home and never looking back.

Ryan is at 12% fav in this Civiqs poll
But he's at 34% in Gallup

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan leaves Congress with one of the lowest favorability ratings a Speaker has ever had, bottoming out at a negligible 12 percent in a final poll from Civiqs.

The survey showed only 12 percent viewed Ryan favorably, while a supermajority of 71 percent viewed him unfavorably and 17 percent were unsure.

Ryan’s plummet from the top of the political world into popular obscurity as he leaves government for what he says will be the last time marks one of the most historic collapses of a major figure in the history Republican Party. First elected to represent Wisconsin’s first congressional district in 1999, Ryan raced to the top of the GOP conference in the House, quickly becoming a star in grassroots GOP circles and known for the perception that he was somehow a budget whiz.

12 percent of Americans per this latest poll from Civiqs. And it’s not just that poll that shows Ryan leaves office as damaged goods: Gallup, out with a new survey on Thursday, finds Ryan down at 34 percent–a massive drop-off and the lowest he has ever been in Gallup.

“Ryan’s favorability has been measured 12 times by Gallup, including seven times since he reluctantly became House speaker in 2015. Ryan’s highest favorability, 48%, was in the wake of the 2016 election when his Republican Party swept both houses of Congress and the presidency. Ryan announced last April that he would not seek re-election to the House,” Gallup wrote of its findings. “His latest 34% favorable rating is the lowest of his speakership and below his overall historical average of 39%.