New CNN Poll Dem 2020: Biden Tops List with 30%

A new poll conducted by CNN and SSRS shows former Vice President Joe Biden leading with 30% of the vote. The survey asked Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents their picks.

The poll has Biden easily leading among a field of 20 potential candidates, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke who jumps up to 9%.

He is followed by Spartacus at 5%

Elizabeth Warren way down at 3% after pulling in 9% in the same CNN poll released in October

Who knows if Biden would consider a run at this point, in 2020, he will be 78 years old.

But Biden is not only leading this CNN Poll, the Des Moines Register released a poll of 2020 Iowa Caucus Saturday and it found the same.

Biden with 32%, Crazy Bernie 19%, and Beto with 8%

That Iowa poll can be found here....