'Evening With the Clintons' Now Selling Discounted Tickets on Groupon

It took almost 30 years, but America is finally getting over the Clintons. Sadly, Bill and Hillary haven't come to that same conclusion.

Very interesting how in the past, people would literally give millions to the Clinton Foundation, now they are having trouble getting $10 bucks out of people to see them on tour.


via Fox News
Bill and Hillary Clinton continued their struggle to fill half-empty stadiums across the country this week; using Groupon and other discount services to bring people to their “An Evening with the Clintons” speaking tour.

“Discounted tickets for at least nine ‘An Evening with The Clintons’ events have appeared on the Groupon website, which offers discounted deals on activities, goods and services. On Monday, discounted tickets were being offered in a number of Democratic friendly locations, including New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and Boston,” write

The pricey tickets saw their value slashed to a fraction of their initial asking price last week, with admission to the event going for as little as $7 just hours before the doors opened.

The slumping sales are in stark contrast to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s national book tour promoting her “Becoming” memoir, with tickets averaging between $300 and $2,500.


Here is a PHOTO of Empty seats at Scotia Bank Arena last week during Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking event. You can see the area is covered by a black curtain. This was their stop in Toronto