VIDEO: College Player Suspended, Barred From Campus After Vicious Cheap Shot

A Fitchburg State player has been indefinitely suspended from his team and barred from campus as a result of a vicious cheap shot he delivered late in Tuesday’s loss to Nichols College.

Kewan Platt dropped Nichols guard Nate Tenaglia with a right elbow to the face better suited for a WWE match than a basketball game.

The incident occurred just after Tenaglia drilled a corner 3-pointer with less than three minutes to go in his team’s 84-75 victory. After appearing to turn his head to check whether the referee on the baseline was paying attention, Platt took his chance to retaliate, leaving Tenaglia writhing on the floor in pain clutching his face

WATCH HERE: Twitter is erupting on this video. People saying the player should absolutely be charged with assault, not just a technical