NEW VIDEO SURFACES of Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky in Oval Office in 1997

New video released by the Clinton Library in response to a Freedom of Information Act request shows then president Bill Clinton delivering a weekly radio address on Feb. 28, 1997, before meeting people in the Oval office.

Clinton can be seen speaking with Lewinsky before they pose for a photographs. Lewinsky was a White House intern.

Photos from the day were made public long ago, but it is the first time the video was released.

The Clinton Library released the footage taken by the White House. It was released via the Freedom of Information Act.

Fox News noted that it was later revealed in the Ken Starr Report that Bill Clinton and Lewinsky had a sexual encounter on the same day as his radio address.


-Ok, so here is the video. I've moved it up to the part where Clinton starts taking pics with people.

-Right before Monica appears in the video, a couple greet Clinton.
-A young red haired girl and her husband (it appears).
-Watch how into this girl Clinton is.
-Monica Lewinsky is right after.
-Roll tape.