VIDEO----> C-SPAN Caller Asks Bob Woodward if He's a Republican or Democrat

Yep, he's a Dem.

(From CSPAN a few years ago)

Woodward: "A Registered Democrat But Avowed Neutral"
There's more, How does Bob Woodward vote? He brings his 14 year old daughter into the polling place and she votes for him, she's been doing this since age 4...Bizarre..Here's the video

Caller: "I'd like to find out if you're a Democrat or Republican"

Woodward: "A fair and good question because I live in the District of Columbia which is so predominately Democrat, I am a registered Democrat but I'm an avowed neutral and put that into practice I take my young daughter into the voting booth and she votes for me, she's now 14 and we've been doing this since she was about age 4"