VIDEO: After Store Clerk Collapses, Thugs Decide to Rob Convenience Store

Call for help? Nooo, rob the clerk and the cash register

Police have identified the man and the two teenagers who did not call for help when a clerk collapsed Saturday afternoon inside a Washington convenience store. The youths, however, took the opportunity to raid the cash register and steal merchandise while the stricken man was on the floor.

A surveillance camera recorded the incident at a Shell gas station in Auburn, a city 25 miles south of Seattle. The video, seen above, prompted multiple members of the public to contact police with the identities of the trio.

As seen in the video, a clerk named Zarif appears to argue with one of the teens about items consumed in the store. After the clerk came out from behind the counter, he collapsed into a SmartWater display stand (at the 2:20 mark of the video).

After staring at the prone worker for a few seconds, the man accompanying the teens left the store. The youths opted to start stealing. After removing money from the hand of the fallen clerk, one teen jumped the counter and tried to open the cash register.

According to a GoFundMe campaign, Zarif, a married father of 3 small children, has been hospitalized in critical condition since September 8.
via smokinggun