O'Reilly: 'Villain' Senator Feinstein Orchestrated This Entire Smear Against Kavanaugh

O'Reilly sees a backlash coming against the 'left-wing dishonest media' and the 'Feinstein-Schumer led Democratic Party'

'Diane Feinstein is a villain, she orchestrated this whole thing. She directed Dr. Ford to the most radical left law firm in the country"...

Bill tells Glenn Beck on his radio show today that it is 'impossible' to him that Dr. Ford has no recollection of who drove her there and who drove her home the night she was allegedly assaulted. "To me, you have to know how you got home"..."She cannot corroborate her accusation against Brett Kavanaugh, that's the headline"

O'Reilly sounds very fed up with the dirty tricks coming from the Dems in all this. He says don't be surprised if there's another accusation against Kavanaugh.