Trump: My Justice Dept So Corrupt That I Put "Justice" in Quotes Now

Trump complained his Attorney General Jeff Sessions "never took control of the Justice Department" and said that Republicans were being politically targeted by federal prosecutors in an interview with Fox News airing today. He now uses quotes when writing Justice Dept. He calls it 'very, very sad.'

And he is exactly right.....

President Trump said Thursday that he puts the word "justice" in quotes when he refers to the Department of Justice (DOJ) because he believes it is corrupt.

"There’s such corruption. Before I got here, it’s from before I got here. It’s from the Obama administration," Trump said on "Fox & Friends," renewing his claim that his campaign was spied on by his predecessor's DOJ.

"When everybody sees what’s going on in the Justice Department, I always put 'justice' now with quotes, it’s a very, very sad day," Trump added.

The current leaders of the Department of Justice and the FBI, as well as a number of other high-ranking officials, were appointed by Trump.

Trump went on to attack Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has become one of the president's favorite targets for criticism. He did not directly respond to a question about whether he would fire Sessions.