Bannon Gives Interview To MSNBC, Panel Calls Him a 'Terrorist Sympathizer' 'White Nationalist'

Why, why, why even go on here Steve?

Steve Bannon went in and gave an interview to MSNBC, he let Ari Melber pitch 90 mph fast balls at him for 40 minutes. MSNBC thanked him by loading a panel full of haters to mock Bannon at every turn.

After the interview, Host Ari Melber goest to his panel, one is Steve Schmidt, need I say more?
The other is some lib from the Center for Amer. Progress for worked for Hillary, the 3rd person is The Roots Jason Johnson who calls Bannon every name in the book.

Bannon a 'Charlatan'...'White Nationalist'...'Terrorist sympathizer'