Dershowitz: I’m Treated Worse For Defending Trump Than I Was For O.J. Simpson

Alan Dershowitz interview with the NYT's says it's harder to defend Trump

That pretty much says it all...

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said he has had a harder time defending President Trump than he did with other "unpopular" figures like O.J. Simpson.

In an interview with The New York Times published on Saturday, Dershowitz dove into the fallout he received following a column he penned for The Hill, in which he argued that he had fallen victim to McCarthy-like shunning tactics by his colleagues in Martha’s Vineyard.

Dershowitz, who helped acquit Simpson of murder charges in 1995, said the chilly reception came from his defense of Trump.

“I’m enjoying this,” Dershowitz said. “It’s a red badge of courage.”

"This reception is much worse than all that, because in those cases [Claus von Bulow or Leona Helmsley or Michael Milken or Mike Tyson] people were critical of me, but they were prepared to discuss it," he added. "They were prepared to have a dialogue."

"Here, the people that I’m objecting to want to stop the dialogue. They don’t want to have the conversation. It will upset people at the dinner party or on the porch. This is like safe spaces in colleges," he said.

"Today the passions are so strong that if I do anything that is perceived as helping Donald Trump, I am an evil conspirator," Dershowitz added.