Dem Candidate Caught on Video Removing Opponent's Yard Signs

A Democratic congressional candidate has issued an apology after a video showed him taking down a rival’s campaign signs.

Tom Guild, a Democratic candidate running for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, was accused on social media of taking down fellow Democrat Kendra Horn’s campaign signs a day before the district’s Democratic primary, The Oklahoman reports.

Mark Mann, a member of the Oklahoma City School Board, made the accusations against Guild on Facebook, sharing photos of him taken from a street corner.

“Sometimes in the heat and rush of the campaign, mistakes are made,” Guild told the local publication in a statement. “On reflection, removing some of my opponent’s signs — for any reason — was a mistake on my part for which I sincerely apologize.”

WATCH HERE: Dude gets out of his BMW sports car, yanks 3 signs out and tosses them on the ground. He said, ah, it was a 'mistake'...'sorry'