"You're a Liar": Alan Dershowitz Slams Anti-Trumper Richard Painter on MSNBC

On Saturday Richard Painter and attorney Alan Dershowitz went on MSNBC to discuss the latest developments in the Mueller witch hunt.

The interview ended with Dershowitz handing Painter a thorough tongue lashing on his many lies.

Alan Dershowitz: Well, today the worst place you want to be is a friend or business associate of Donald Trump because prosecutors will stop at nothing to try to flip you and use you as a witness against him. There are two tragedies here. One the way the White House has behaved and second is with Mueller who has a mixed reputation when I was in Boston in regard to four innocent people who spent their life and two of them dying in prison. 
Richard Painter: That’s not true. You cannot say that about him. That is not true professor.
Alan Dershowitz: It is true. Look Painter is a zealot… Well, let me talk about your reputation. Painter is trying to parlay his anti-Trump zealotry into a run for the senate. He has lied repeatedly about me and other people who are Trump supporters.

"You lied through your teeth...You're a liar and you've lied repeatedly