Trump Holds Presser With 3 Freed Americans Released By North Korea [VIDEO]

Middle of the night presser

Three Americans who were detained in North Korea for more than a year were greeted by President Trump beneath a giant American flag after they returned to the mainland U.S. early Thursday.

Despite a middle-of-the-night landing, First Lady Melania Trump and a host of senior administration officials joined Trump to celebrate the occasion. The president and first lady boarded the medical plane on which the men traveled to have a private moment with them.

The men, Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Tony Kim, were released Wednesday amid a warming of relations between the longtime adversaries. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo secured their release in Pyongyang after meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on final plans for a Trump-Kim summit. The Americans had boarded Pompeo's plane out of North Korea without assistance and then transferred in Japan to a Boeing C-40 outfitted with medical facilities for the trip back to the U.S.

Here's the video from CBS This Morning
It shows Trump, the first lady, VP Mike Pence and SOS Mike Pompeo leaving the plane with the 3 Americans.
Great video: