Kasich Not Sure If He’ll Back Republican Nominee For Ohio Governor- Mike DeWine

Kasich, who refused to endorse Trump in 2016, or even attend the GOP convention, is now refusing to come out and endorse Mike DeWine, the GOP candidate for Ohio Gov. Unbelievable.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) is withholding his endorsement of the GOP nominee for his seat, Attorney General Mike DeWine, over fears DeWine will dismantle the state’s Medicaid expansion that Kasich broke with his party to champion and implement.

Kasich’s spokesman, Chris Schrimpf, said this week that the governor “looks forward to meeting with Mike and discussing the concerns,” including the state’s Medicaid expansion “and other efforts to make sure that no Ohioan is left behind.”

Kasich himself conspicuously dodged endorsing DeWine in a press conference on Wednesday, saying flatly about the primary: “It was held and some people won.”

Asked directly about the results of Tuesday’s GOP contest, he emphasized that he feels “very, very strongly about the issue of Medicaid expansion.”
Declining to mention DeWine by name, Kasich noted: “I want to see uniters. I don’t want to see dividers. I want to see a uniter – somebody that can transcend politics to put the people of the state first. So, we’ll see. I’ll be watching.”