John McCain Regrets Not Picking Joe Lieberman for VP in 2008

The McCain we always knew.
He says now he should have 'ignored' campaign advisers in the summer of 2008 and picked Joe Lieberman for Vice President. Joe Lieberman is a life-long Dem who became an Independent at the end of his political career. He was pro-abortion and caucused with the Democrats.

McCain thought Lieberman would have been a good choice.
Absolutely mind-boggling.

Senator John McCain is getting very candid with his upcoming book and the HBO documentary coming out about him.

As has been reported previously, The Restless Wave features McCain, among other things, criticizing President Trump‘s outlook on the world and reflecting on his own life following his cancer diagnosis.

Per the New York Times, part of the book deals with McCain’s regrets, and there’s one pretty big one from his presidential campaign 10 years ago: not picking Joe Lieberman to be his VP pick.

Lieberman used to be a Democrat, and by 2008 he was an independent. The two senators were close and there was much buzz back then about Lieberman joining the ticket.

McCain recalls the decision-making process and the regret he ultimately felt over it:

He recalls that his advisers warned him that picking a vice-presidential candidate who caucused with Democrats and supported abortion rights would divide Republicans and doom his chances.

“It was sound advice that I could reason for myself,” he writes. “But my gut told me to ignore it and I wish I had.”

Even more striking is how Mr. McCain expresses his sorrow in the documentary. He calls the decision not to pick Mr. Lieberman “another mistake that I made” in his political career, a self-indictment that includes his involvement in the Keating Five savings and loan scandal and his reluctance to speak out during his 2000 presidential bid about the Confederate battle flag flying above the South Carolina Capitol.

The article from the NY Times can be found here...