Al Green: Dems Have Right and Privilege to Impeach Trump If We Win The House

Dems in their own words making no secret out of the fact they plan to bring articles of impeachment against Trump if they retake the House.

Democratic congressman in Texas who has repeatedly called and set votes for President Donald Trump’s impeachment said Tuesday that every House representative has a “right and privilege” to bring up impeaching Trump.

Speaking on C-SPAN Tuesday, Representative Al Green of Texas’s 9th District acknowledged that he and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, do not agree on how—or if—the party should move forward with potentially impeaching the president. Green said he’s pushing for the impeachment of the president should the Democrats retake the majority after the 2018 midterm elections in November.
“This is not something the Constitution has bestowed upon leadership,” said Green, who previously introduced two articles of impeachment that failed on the House floor. “It’s something every member has the right and privilege of doing. I am not sure that there will be members who are going to wait for someone else if that someone else, doesn’t matter who it is, is declining to do it.”

“I think there is a good likelihood there will be Articles of Impeachment,” Green responded to C-SPAN host Pedro Echevarria on Tuesday. “I’ll let Speaker Pelosi address her actions.