POLL: Majority of Voters Back Trump Air Strikes in Syria

57% of voters say Trump should strike Syria every time Assad launches a chemical attack

Voters support the United States’s recent military action in Syria and the Trump administration's efforts to engage with North Korea, according to new data from a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.

President Trump’s foreign policy plan related to both countries have been in the spotlight this month, after he approved a retaliatory air strike in Syria meant as a deterrent against the use of chemical weapons, and as top U.S. officials met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to work on a potential meeting between the two heads of state.

Almost two-thirds of registered voters — including majorities across gender, all age groups and ethnicities except for black voters — support Trump’s air strikes.

A full 57 percent of voters also believe America should have a policy of striking Syria every time it launches a chemical weapons attack, and 53 percent said that America should get involved even if it increases the probability of a confrontation with Russia.

But 54 percent of people polled believe that America should focus on battling terrorists in Syria instead of increasing involvement in the country on humanitarian grounds.