Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise Top The List To Replace Paul Ryan

Scalise would be a better choice.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Calif., appears to be the odds-on favorite to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said he would hold onto his title until he retires in January.

The other most likely candidate, Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., has said he's interested but only if McCarthy declines.

On the day he announced he's serving his last term as a House member, Ryan declined to say who should replace him.

"I think we have a fantastic leadership team," Ryan said Wednesday when asked about the next GOP leader. "I have more thoughts on this. I think this is probably not the right time to get into that, and I'll share those thoughts later." "That election is in November, so it's not something we have to sweat right now," he added.

But most conversations have fixated around McCarthy, who launched his ill-fated bid for the speakership three years ago, and Scalise, who is nearly a year removed from nearly losing his life after being shot at a congressional baseball practice.

Scalise's stance that he'll only seek out the speaker's gavel if McCarthy bows out means the gavel is most likely McCarthy's

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