'Don't Get on Your Moral High Horse With Me': Laura Fires Back at Gorka

During a heated Friday night exchange on Fox News, Laura Ingraham took issue with former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka’s use of America’s founding fathers to defend President Trump’s Syria strike.

At the end of the segment, Ingraham gave Sebastian the last word.

“If we do nothing, then America as a nation starts to lose its meaning for what it represents,” Gorka said. “I know you believe in what that nation represents. You’re a believer. You believe in the eternal values that our founding fathers instilled in our founding documents. If those documents mean anything today, we take this action.”

“I think we can all pull out quotes from the framers about foreign entanglements,” Ingraham said with a laugh. It’s not funny, Laura, it’s not funny,” Gorka said.

“Sebastian, don’t get on your moral high horse with me, don’t play that game with me tonight,” Ingraham shot back.