Trump Would Thump Kasich in 2020 Republican Primary 62-27

This is a poll of...Ohio voters...

Sorry John, no confetti cannons this time.

Washington Examiner
A new poll of Ohio voters indicates Republican Gov. John Kasich's chances of stealing the GOP nomination from President Trump in 2020 are minimal at best.

A Feb. 28-March 9 survey of registered Republican voters in Ohio found 62 percent would flock to Trump for a second term while only 27 percent would vote for Kasich in the primary, according to Baldwin Wallace University's Community Research Institute.

Although the numbers indicate Kasich's chances of beating the incumbent in the Buckeye State should he run in 2020 are bleak, his support from conservative voters has increased from his 18 percent score in 2016.

Kasich ran against Trump during the 2016 presidential election and was one of the final three Republicans to drop out.

Kasich is planning to attend a "fireside chat" in New Hampshire on April 3. The state's first-in-the-nation primaries are used to measure support for candidates as the primary and caucus season commences


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