Mark Levin Goes Off on 'Bad Cops' Comey and McCabe: 'They Politicized the FBI'

McCabe should be in front of a grand jury, Comey like the 'mob boss'

Mark Levin ripped former FBI brass James Comey and Andrew McCabe as "bad cops" who "politicized the FBI."

Levin said that, as a former top member of the Justice Department staff during the Reagan administration, he could tell a politicized firing from a legitimate one.

He said that the Office of Professional Responsibility within the FBI investigates wrongdoing and suggested to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that McCabe be fired.

Levin said the folks in that office, as well as DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, are "civil servants" and not political ideologues.

He said Comey and McCabe were "bad cops" who would obstruct certain investigations like the one into Hillary Clinton, while accelerating others, like the one into President Trump.


WATCH HERE: LEVIN HITS Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Power. Holder. Clapper.

He even jabs Trey Gowdy here.