CLASH: LIB Baltimore Mayor Talks Over Laura Ingraham, Accuses Her of Being Trump Spokesperson

When the Mayor finds out she can't answer hard questions, she decides to interrupt and talk over Laura.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh was a guest on Fox News' Ingraham Angle." on Wednesday night.

The mayor's appearance on the show came after Pugh announced on Tuesday she will provide 60 free buses to send students to visit Washington D.C. for a gun control rally later in March.

"When you have these many people who are afraid and frightened to be in their classrooms, who are asking you to help them...many of them wanted their voices to be heard, and we thought it was important to address them." Pugh said.

“You’re funding buses, in part, to go down to Washington, and yet you have a budget deficit–” Ingraham replied.

In a heated back and forth, Ingraham pointed out the poor numbers surrounding Baltimore's education system: It included a 10-year low in enrollment, a $130 million deficit for 2018, and 115 personnel layoffs. Mayor Pugh foolishly says she doesn’t know what that has to do with this protest.

It went downhill from there with Mayor Pugh talking over Ingraham at every turn and then accusing her of being the communications director for the Trump Adm.

Watch the video above.

Baltimore by the numbers: