WILD VIDEO------> Victims' Father ATTACKS Larry Nassar in Courtroom

"Give me one minute with that son of a bitch!!"

A father whose three daughters were abused by disgraced US gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar has tried to attack him in a Michigan courtroom.

Randall Margraves had to be restrained by three court security officers.

Before rushing to the table where Nassar was sitting, the man had asked to have "five minutes in a locked room with that demon".

Judge Janice Cunningham said she could not allow that. Mr Margraves then asked the judge for just one minute, to awkward laughter from the courtroom.

The judge repeated her refusal - and shouts and gasps were heard as the furious father bolted towards Nassar, who was present in an orange prison jumpsuit.

The dramatic intervention brought Nassar's final sentencing hearing on sexual