Smerconish: School Shooting Was 'An Epic Intelligence Failure,..It Should've Been Stopped'

"We were a keystroke away from catching this guy, instead, 17 are dead"

'Not a big fan of Smerconish (voted for O twice), but he lays out an exhaustive timeline on the Florida School Shooter, pointing out that this guy was not living 'off the grid' like Ted Kaczynski or somebody, but he was in the public eye, on the radar of law enforcement, on social media and had dozens of incidents that should've resulted in action by police, but yet, nothing was done.

"It never should've happened" Smerconish says, the shooter left a long trail of electronic breadcrumbs, including a caller to the FBI warning that Cruz is somebody who would go and 'shoot up a school' The Broward County Sheriffs Office called to the alleged shooters home 39 times. Yet not enough warning signs for the BCSO and the FBI among others to take action.