RUSH: CNN Town Hall Nothing More Than Bunch of Raging Leftists Venting Their Hatred


RUSH: Well, I certainly hope everybody was watching, if you are watching, this disgrace CNN put on last night, trying to call that a town hall: I hope if you watched that, you see what I’m talking about. I hope you saw, I hope you noted how the last thing that was about last night was the safety of children. It had nothing to do with what was going on last night.

"This event was not anywhere near what it was portrayed to be. It was an opportunity for a raging room of leftists to vent their anger and rage and hatred at people who literally have nothing to do with what happened. CNN assembles a group of protected victims, and you cannot lash out at them. You cannot react to them. You cannot react when they insult you, when they get something egregiously wrong. You have to sit there and swallow it, and preferably with a smile on your face.