North Korea To Parade Hundreds of ICBMs on Eve of Olympics

In an attempt to "scare the hell out of" the U.S., North Korea is reportedly preparing hundreds of rockets to parade through Pyongyang before the Olympics, which experts say could carry a nuclear warhead to any location in the US. But North Korea has faked images before during Pyongyang parades.

Western media has been banned from the event.

CNN Reported: 
South Korea may be touting the Winter Games, which begin on Friday, as the "Peace Olympics," but that hasn't stopped the US and North Korea seeking to score political points against each other.

In a move sure to annoy Pyongyang, US Vice President Mike Pence will take the father of the late Otto Warmbier, an American student who was jailed in North Korea, to the Opening Ceremony, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

Meanwhile, North Korea is sending Kim Yong Nam, the head of the country's parliament, who is one of the most senior North Korean officials to ever visit South Korea.

On the eve of the Olympics, Pyongyang will stage its own international show with a parade of hundreds of missiles and rockets, sending the world a clear message that its military might is not to be underestimated.

Video report: