Steve Schmidt Dismisses Reports of Corruption in FBI as a 'Smear Campaign' [VIDEO]

There's the main reason MSNBC has this Trump-hating phony Republican on. To say stuff like this to the delight of host Chris Matthews

Just think, this is who MSNBC considers to be one of its best and brightest Republicans. On Tuesday’s Hardball, political analyst and 2008 McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt tore into Republican questions about the FISA memo and Strzok-Page texts as “snake oil” “McCarthyism” being “abetted” by the Fox News Channel serving as “state-run TV in an autocratic society.”

Unbelievably, Schmidt’s deranged rants kept host Chris Matthews from seizing the mantle as the nuttiest person on Tuesday’s show. Schmidt began by complaining about “the abnormality of what's happening here” with “this allegation that there's a deep state” and a secret society inside the FBI has nothing to do with asking questions or finding out the truth.

Watch this buffoon on MSNBC's Hardball today