Shocking Poll Shows 33% OF NFL FANS Boycotted 2017 Season

And Roger Goddell and the suits at the NFL are doing absolutely nothing to address it, in fact, they're doubling down on the problem rather than the solution.

A stunning new poll shows that over 30% of football fans boycotted the beleaguered NFL during its disastrous 2017 season, with viewers choosing to change the channel after professional athletes refused to stand during the US national anthem.

The shock poll, released by SurveyMonkey and Ozy Media, shows the main culprit behind furious fans opting out of the season was Colin Kaepernick, the controversial San Francisco 49er quarterback who started “taking a knee” during the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ back in 2016.

The survey asked nearly 2,000 Americans older than the age of 18, “Did you purposely stop watching or attending NFL games this season for any reason?”

The largest number of “yes” responders claimed they decided to “boycott” the league’s 2017 season as a direct result of professional athletes disrespecting the US flag and service members during the anthem.

The NFL is struggling to recover from its disastrous 2017 season, with viewership down over 10% from last season, which was already down 8% from the year before.