Flashback Bill Clinton: African-Americans Watch Same News As 'Ordinary Americans' (Video)

Here's a flashback for you. Imagine a Republican saying this...

President Clinton on BET with Ed Gordon 11/2/1994
Ed Gordon: "Though the car companies have made a comeback, Detroit is still suffering"

President Clinton: "It is. But as Mayor Archer always tells people, we need to keep doing what's working. We've got 88,000 more jobs in Michigan than we had when I took office, and in the previous 4 years Michigan lost 8,300. So that's the message I've been trying to hammer home in Michigan and the message that I hope will carry Bob Carr to the Senate seat there. And it really is a function of how many people vote in Detroit.

But if you look at it, I mean, African-Americans watch the same news at night that ordinary Americans do. If there is an overwhelming bias in what they see—based on conflict, failure, process, politics, and negativism, as opposed to just giving people the facts about what's going on—then you can't expect people to vote on what they don't know.

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