Dean: Nixon Might Have Survived Watergate if There Had Been Fox News

John Dean on CNN sounding a lot like Howard Dean.

CNN Reported:
Although he does not foresee a quick end to the special counsel probe into Russian election meddling and aides to President Donald Trump, former White House counsel John Dean noted that the modern media landscape may prevent it from lasting as long as the Watergate investigation, which he said stretched on for 928 days.

"There's social media, there's the internet, the news cycles are faster. I think Watergate would have occurred at a much more accelerated speed than the 928 days it took to go from the arrest at the Watergate to the conviction of (H.R.) Haldeman and (John) Ehrlichman and (John) Mitchell, et al.," he said during a podcast interview with Politico. Dean, who is a CNN contributor, ultimately cooperated with Senate investigators against President Richard Nixon, but he spent four months in jail in 1974 for his role in the scandal, which started with the attempted bugging of Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate and snowballed to bring down the Nixon presidency.

"I think there's more likelihood (Nixon) might have survived if there'd been a Fox News," he added, suggesting that more conservative voices critical of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation will be beneficial to Trump.