VIDEO-----> NBC Host Berates Paul Ryan: ‘Are You Living in a Fantasy World?’

Would Savannah Guthrie ever say something like this to Nancy Pelosi?
Not a chance in the world.

via theblaze
NBC’s Savannah Guthrie challenged House Majority Leader Paul Ryan  on his contention that lowering the corporate tax rate would incentivize investment in the U.S., saying, “are you living in a fantasy world?”

The problem is a lot of CEOs have said, really candidly, I’m looking at a list of CEOs that said, ‘we don’t plan to reinvest,’ what they’re planning to do is to do stock buybacks, to line the pockets of shareholders,” Guthrie explained.

“Let me quote Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire,” she continued, “hardly an enemy of business, he said, ‘CEOs aren’t waiting on a tax cut to jump start the economy, a favorite phrase of politicians who have never run a company – or to hand out raises… it’s pure fantasy to think that the tax bill will lead to significantly higher wages and growth.’

“I’ll ask you plainly,” ...... “are you living in a fantasy world?”