Rush: If Roy Moore Wins The Election, Al Franken Is NOT Resigning (VIDEO)

Rush: Franken left himself an out...

RUSH: I’m still telling you, he hasn’t resigned. Not technically. What he announced was his intention to resign in the coming weeks. I’m telling you, this guy has left himself an out. So the Roy Moore election’s gonna be the determinant here. If Roy Moore loses, then Franken says, “Okay, I gotta quit.” But if Roy Moore wins…? He set the table for this today. (paraphrased) “It’s ironic that I’m resigning when the Republican Party’s prepared to elect a child molester.” He set the table for not leaving today, depending on that election. You mark my words.”

LISTEN HERE: A lot of people believe this is why Franken said he'd resign 'in the coming weeks'

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