Ralph Peters: As Early As 2018, We May See Violent Conflict on Korean Peninsula

We must hit NK with 'everything we've got' -Col. Ralph Peters

Colonel Ralph Peters [Ret.] said North Korea is suffering from a "degenerative disease of state" and predicted the Kim regime's insistence on strengthening its nuclear capability is their All-In "poker hand" as a standing government.

North Korean state television ripped the recent unanimous U.N. vote to deliver stronger sanctions against Kim Jong Un as "rigged up by the U.S. and its followers [and a] grave infringement upon the sovereignty of our republic."

The North Koreans also called western hopes of an end to Pyongyang's nuclear program a "pipe dream."  Peters said that last remark is "one time the regime is being honest."

He said the country is suffering from a "degenerative disease of state" - in that their standing military is "rotting away" and pointed to increased defections to South Korea.