Huh? Kim Jong Un One of the Finalists For TIME MAG Person of the Year


Time released this morning it’s finalists for Person of the Year and, as you probably expected, the list is full of left-wing bias.

Colin Kaepernick? The man who made the disrespect of our flag and national anthem popular among cry baby football players who think cops are racist?

And Dreamers? Why on earth would this group even be a finalist? What did they do to deserve Person of the Year?

Kim Jong Un? Seriously? They want a fascist dictator of the worst kind the Person of the Year? I have no words.

But the big one for the left of course, is Robert Mueller. After all, what better way to give Trump the middle finger than to make the special prosecutor investigating him for Russian collusion the Person of the Year.

via Right Scoop

Here's the list-
Kim Jong Un, Colin Kaepernick, Mueller