Howard Dean: Trump is Running a 'Criminal Enterprise Out of the WH'

Yeah, that's it Howard.

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean said President Trump is "running a criminal enterprise" out of the White House.

During a segment, an MSNBC host said Trump is "constantly vacationing to promote his own properties."

"The promotion is extraordinary, there hasn't been a president in my lifetime that's done anything like this," Dean said in response during the interview.

But Dean said it is clear that Trump or his staff are "shaking down foreign governments who have moved their events to his hotel in Washington at somebody's request in order to get favors."

"I think he's running a criminal enterprise out of the White House and I think that's what Bob Mueller's on the track of," Dean said

Here's the video from MSNBC
Donald Trump ran for President to run his businesses out of the White House or something.