HEAR IT---> Trump Records Robocall: 'I Need Alabama To Vote For Roy Moore'

President Trump just recorded a new robocall hitting upwards of a million Alabama homes for GOP senate nominee Judge Roy Moore. The call will hit that many or more Alabamians before election day, a source familiar with its reach told Breitbart News.

In the more-than-minute-long robocall, President Trump calls on Alabama voters to rise up to back conservative Roy Moore over radical leftist Democrat Doug Jones.
“Hi, this is President Donald Trump and I need Alabama to go vote for Roy Moore,” the president says in the call, audio of which was reported by ABC News. “It is so important. We’re already making America great again. I’m going to make America safer and stronger and better than ever before but we need that seat. We need Roy voting for us. I’m stopping illegal immigration and crime, rebuilding our military and protecting the Second Amendment and our pro-life values. But if Alabama elects liberal Democrat Doug Jones, all of our progress will be stopped cold"

Here is the Trump ROBOCALL: