Barkley on Alabama: 'Are These People That Stupid To Vote For Roy Moore?' (VIDEO)

The media is there in Alabama to cover the 'train wreck' 
This was Charles Barkely on CNN last night with Don Lemon.

Barkley, who was born in Alabama, stumped for Doug Jones last night. He called for Dems to get out and vote.

He tells the crowd in this video below, 'how is this dude leading in any polls?'...'There's no way'

  Barkely is really calling those supporting Roy Moore here a bunch of dummies. You can't do this, and I don't think this stump speech by Charles Barkley is going to have the intended effect he thought it would.

Take a listen to how he talks down to Roy Moore here. Pay close attention to the 3:00 minute mark. Barkley injects race in the election.
'He's playin' to that base, the same people that's been holding us back for many years'