Al Franken To Resign January 2nd According to Spokesman

Mark Dayton, the lib Democratic Governor of Minnesota will appoint  Democrat Tina Smith to fill Franken's Senate seat on January 3rd.

NBC News
Sen. Al Franken will officially resign from the Senate on Jan. 2, the Minnesota Democrat's office confirmed Wednesday.

Franken had announced earlier this month that he would step from his post amid a string of sexual misconduct allegations and mounting pressure from fellow Democrats, but hadn't set his exact day of departure.

Franken's appointed successor, Minnesota Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, is scheduled to be sworn in on Jan. 3, his office said.

The outgoing lawmaker, however, still has a lot of things to say before he says goodbye.

Franken said in a Facebook post earlier Wednesday that he would devote his final days in the Senate to delivering a "series of final speeches" on a range of issues. He gave his first one Wednesday afternoon about the work he'd done "to improve education on behalf of Minnesotans and all Americans."