Roy Moore Up 10 Points in Emerson College Poll Conducted AFTER WP Story


Nearly 60% of voters say the recent allegations against Roy Moore make no difference when deciding their vote.

The Special Election is on December 12th

According to an Emerson College poll released late Sunday, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is maintaining a double-digit lead over Democratic opponent Doug Jones.
Moore is shown with the lead despite a report from The Washington Post last week that accused Moore of engaging in inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls decades ago.

The poll, conducted November 9-11, has Moore leading Jones by a 55 percent-to-45 percent margin, down from the 22-point lead Moore had in a poll Emerson conducted from September.

The poll also showed that only 28 percent of respondents were impacted by the Post’s report.

Emerson College Professor Spencer Kimball:
“This 10-point lead is important in that he is now at that 50 percent threshold,” he added. “When we add in the undecideds, he actually gets to 55 percent. And those in the political game understand that once you’re clear of the 50 percent threshold, you’re usually in a good position for re-elect. So, Moore is probably OK at this point. But we’ll go back in a couple of weeks just to see if there is any other movement.”