GOP Would Be 'Much Better Off With The Dem' Winning in Alabama -Matthew Dowd

Anybody think the Dems would ever hand the GOP a Senate seat?
This is absolute lunacy.

ABC’s make-believe Republican Matthew Dowd went completely off the rails Sunday during his appearance on This Week. During the panel discussion of the latest sexual harassment allegations around the country, Dowd went off the deep end and claimed Republicans “empowered” Bill Clinton’s sexually predatory behavior and “gave up their values” by putting “tainted” Justice Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court.

DOWD Then says, Republicans would be better of losing in Alabama Special election.
“The worst possible outcome of the Alabama election for the Republicans is if the Republican wins … It hangs over them through the course of this. They’d be much better off with the Democrat”
Take a listen. This is supposedly a 'Republican' strategist. OMG.

via newsbusters