Flake on Hot Mic: GOP Will Be "Toast" If it's The Party of Trump, Moore (VIDEO)

Coming from the guy who was so far behind in reelection numbers that he announced his retirement last month.

Hot Mic video below....


Outspoken Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona was heard on a hot mic Saturday saying the Republican Party will be "toast" if it is defined by figures like President Trump and Alabama Republican Roy Moore.

Flake, whose comments were caught on a microphone of ABC local affiliate KNXV, was speaking with a friend at the time after finishing a town hall on tax reform.

"[If we] become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast," Flake is overheard saying to Mesa, Arizona, Mayor John Giles.

From the local station's cut, it isn't entirely clear how Flake began the sentence, but Flake's office told the station he used the words, "if we" before the hot mic picked up his comments. KNXV's camera began to roll mid-sentence.

Here's Senator Jeff Flake caught on a hot mic yesterday, via ABC 15. He's with the Mayor of Mesa, who also sounds like a Never-Trumper. Take a listen.