Democrat Lincoln Chafee: Yeah, Everybody That Ran in 2016 Knew the Fix Was In For Hillary Clinton

Former Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee calls Donna Brazile a 'truth teller' for what she wrote in her book about the Democratic Primary being fixed for Hillary Clinton.

"Three cheers for Donna Brazile" Chafee said on Fox News. The host points out that the Clinton Machine is coming down hard on Brazile for what she wrote. But Chafee stands firm in his support of Donna Brazile. He also dismisses the Russian connection. He says, find me 10 people in Wisconsin that voted for Trump because of the Russians. Chafee says they don't exist.

I guessing about 2 days from now, Lincoln Chafee will go back on cable news and retract everything he's saying here because of Clinton Machine pressure. Just like Elizabeth Warren last week.

WATCH CHAFEE HERE: Yes, I agree that it was rigged