2020 Poll: Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump By 11 Points

I'm guessing it's the same people who told us that Hillary wouldn't just win in 2016, it would be a landslide.

So, just for fun, here's one of those polls where they probably outsampled Dems by 10 points

Former Vice President Joe Biden would crush President Donald Trump in the 2020 general election if it were held today, a poll released Wednesday morning showed.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll said Biden would take 46 percent of the vote, compared to 35 percent for the wildly unpopular Trump. The Democrat would blow away the incumbent president among independent and white voters, and even in some areas Trump won last year, according to the poll.

Forty-one percent of independent voters would pull the lever for Biden, compared to 26 percent for Trump, the poll showed. It is not just good news for Biden: Any Democrat would take down 48 percent of the vote when pitted against the Republican Trump, who the poll said would receive 34 percent in that scenario.

Among white voters, Biden stood at 41 percent and Trump at 40. In the Midwest Biden polled at 45 percent and Trump at 36 percent, even though in the 2016 election Trump won every state in the region except Illinois and Minnesota.

The two-point difference between Biden and any other Democratic candidate stood out.


Flashback: "Landslide"..."Blowout"..."Very Good Night" for Hillary Clinton